FOLLOW THAT CAB - Just across the Ukrainian border of Poland

These three Brits (from left to right: Leigh, Paul and Johno) broke the Guinness World Record for the longest and highest (altitude) taxi cab ride.  And if that wasn't already awesome enough, they did it to raise money for charity.  

Having bought a London black cab, affectionately christened "Hard Hearted Hannah," they modified it to beef up the engine, add a shotgun seat and remove the barrier, not to mention installing a needlessly (and gloriously) deafening speaker system, and drove it through over one hundred countries on their way from London to Sydney.  

I crossed paths with them in Kiev, Ukraine, and couldn't resist the invitation to catch a ride with them from Kiev to Lviv, and then on from Lviv to Krakow, Poland.   We were stopped by Ukrainian police at least five times along the way.  If I remember correctly, I was the first official fare of their journey.  Thankfully, the guys were kind enough to accept (in lieu of the meter price of £1035) a tank of petrol, a few beers, some pasta and bread, and a donation, through their website, to the British Red Cross.  

More than a year later, I met up with them in Moscow and caught a lift again: this time stopping in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the U.K.  They also asked me to be their photographer and document the last couple of weeks of their drive, and I was happy to <a href="!i=2238120987&amp;k=xN4Qczr">oblige</a>.  

The last time I rode with them, I figured they might never make it back home without killing each other, but after driving all around the world since February, 2011, they finished their epic and ridiculous journey back in London on May 12th, 2012, after four different continents, more than fifty countries, well over a hundred passengers, four flat tires, 8000 liters of petrol, £20,000 raised for the British Red Cross, one Bollywood movie appearance, and a couple of bullet holes. You can find out more about their amazing journey and see lots more photos <a href="!i=2238120987&amp;k=xN4Qczr">here</a>.

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