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RUDE AWAKENING - Somewhere in the Caribbean

This is a cheap digital scan of a frame from an old $20 convenience store film camera. I decided to include this photo, in spite of its inferior technical quality, because I like the moment captured. I think this might be self-explanatory, but I like telling stories, so:

A few years back, while working on cruise ships, my buddy Blair didn't show up for his morning shift. A couple of friends and I went to his cabin to check on him. Turns out he had downed a few too many the night before, and his "mates" decided it would be funny to partially shave his head. After waking him up and handing him a mirror, I snapped this shot a split second after he caught his reflection.

The moral of this story (aside from knowing your limits and never trusting your friends when you pass them) is the best camera is the one you have with you. Do I wish that, at the time, I had a fancy digital SLR with a nice lens and some lighting? Sure. But this was long before I knew a single thing about photography, and even now that I've learned a bit, there are times that I've missed priceless moments while I was busy setting up my equipment.

I have a blast attempting to learn photography and tinkering with gear, but there are times when it's best just to point and shoot.