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STACIA (high-key close-up cropped)

I don't usually do much cropping, and hadn't planned to for this one, but when I cropped the thumbnail image this way I liked it much better and decided to keep it. The full version is a head and shoulders shot.

Used a lot of lighting for this shot: there's a monobloc in a softbox close up to her on camera right at about 45 degrees, one monobloc low camera left in a softbox bouncing off the wall, one speedlite with an Orbis ring flash on camera, and two speedlites with CTO gels in the window behind her (one clamped to the window handle) shining through the curtain to give that yellow glow.

Did some post work brightening the image (although it was already high-key in camera) and altering the color of her skin--I tend to keep skin tones warm but decided to go with a cool feel for this one to contrast with the window light. Did some light skin retouching as well: She doesn't normally need it, but when you're this close and shooting at f/9 every pore is accentuated.