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UKRAINIAN MAN - Lviv, Ukraine

I met this man while wandering around the streets of Lviv, and he became very excited when he found out I was an American (which was a nice change of pace for me). Although I had difficulty understanding him, I'm pretty sure he was expressing his gratitude to the United States for its role in World War II. He took my hand and held on to it for several minutes, talking quickly and continuously. He even teared up (which you can see if you view the photo in a larger size). To be honest, I felt a bit silly being thanked so profusely for something that I had nothing to do with, but nevertheless I was quite moved by his emotion. My travel companions were waiting for me and we didn't have a lot of time, so eventually, after attempting to part ways a couple of times, I finally had to pull away.

This was shot entirely with ambient light, but later I brightened the background in post-production to draw more attention to his face, as well as cropping the image slightly, converting to black and white, and adjusting the tones.