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OLD WOMAN - Santorini, Greece

I had seen this woman and her friend hanging out at their little yellow house a couple of times while riding in our rented jeep on the way to Oia, but couldn't stop at the time to try and get shots of them. My last day in Santorini I made a point to take a walk and try and find them. I found their house, but didn't see the women. While I was taking a couple of shots of the place, a curtain opened and the two women peeked out, looking at me. I went over to them and asked if I could take their picture. This woman agreed, but the other was shy (at first). The first woman invited me in, and showed me some pictures, which I presumed were of her family. While she was talking, I guessed that she was telling me that her husband and children were dead, but, unfortunately, due to the language barrier, I couldn't understand. After a while, she took my hand and started to cry.

It was quite an amazing experience, being invited into her home. There was so much history there, so many details and stories present on her walls. I would've loved to have taken some shots there, but at the time I felt like it would have been too instrusive. We said our goodbyes as best as we could. Later it occurred to me that she might have been asking for money because times were tough, but I don't think so. Or perhaps I just prefer not to think so.

I was so psyched that this woman agreed to a photo that I used the wrong settings, and didn't get a sharp shot (there's also some noise that I need to get rid of), but a flawed shot of a great subject is better than no shot at all.