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VASILLOUS - Athens, Greece

Just before taking a cable car up Lykavittos Hill in Athens to meet my friend Hassan, I felt thirsty and stopped at a small cafe. As I was searching for some sparkling water I heard a deep, slightly accented male voice say, "I like your blouse." I turned, a bit nervously, and there was Vasillous (AKA Bill), the chef and owner extraordinaire of Bill's (Chef's) Place in Athens, by Lykavittos Hill. It turns out that he collects T-shirts and, after preparing an amazing meal for Hassan and myself later that night, he was able to talk me into trading away my beloved Russian Roulette '83 Tournament Champion T-shirt (for a Puma one). Here he is modeling his prize, looking far more bad-ass wearing it than I ever did. If you're in Athens make sure you swing by.