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I want to create your favorite photos ever  taken of you, and your favorite people: photos you'll be thrilled to frame on your walls, bind in albums, and share socially.  Photos that will someday make your future descendants realize they inherited their awesomeness from you!

I'm a fine art portrait photographer.  I collaborate with you to create fine art images that tell your story, specializing in weddings, engagements, love stories, families, groups, and what I like to call "hero" shots, where I capture you looking like the best possible version of yourself.  I'm in continual pursuit of the perfect portrait photo: an image that encapsulates the essence of you.  

To do that, it really helps to actually get to know you, which is great for me because I love hearing and telling stories.  So if you want to tell me yours, just say hi, and of course if you want to book a session with me, click here.

I'm based in Portland, Oregon, but I've travelled to nearly fifty countries and happily do destination shoots!  Thanks for dropping by, and feel free to comment, subscribe to my blog, and click like!  To read more of my story, click here.  -Rob

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