Rob Quarantine Video Chat (final, borders, full-size 9060 x 6060, newerer, graded)

It's a crazy world we're living in, but life must go on.  There will be work to do, and milestones to celebrate, and I will be here to help.  And to you first-responders, making sacrifices on the front lines, I salute you.

I want to create the best photos ever  taken of you, and your favorite people: photos you'll be thrilled to frame on your walls, bind in albums, and share socially.  Photos that will someday make your future descendants realize they inherited their awesomeness from you!  Photos that will draw people to your brand and make them excited to work with you.

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I'm a fine art portrait photographer.  I collaborate with you to create fine art images that tell your story, specializing in weddings, engagements, and love stories, which I do with my wife Tanya, personal branding, families, groups, and what I like to call "hero" shots, where I capture you looking like the best possible version of yourself.  I'm in continual pursuit of the perfect portrait photo: an image that encapsulates the essence of you.

To do that, it really helps to actually get to know you, which is great for me because I love hearing and telling stories.  

So if you want to tell me your story or book a session with me (or just say hi!), click here to contact me.  I'm based in Portland, Oregon, but I've travelled to nearly fifty countries and happily do destination shoots!

A great photo should speak for itself, but if I see an amazing shot I nearly always want to know what's behind the photo. 

So, for anyone out there who feels the same way, I'll sometimes add captions that give technical details and tell the stories behind the photos. While a good picture may paint a thousand words, sometimes you need a few more to really tell the whole story. 

Thanks for dropping by, and feel free to comment below or on individual photos, share, subscribe to my blog, and click like!  By the way, I'm also working a special project right now that I'd love for you to be a part of.  To learn more about my story, keep reading...

<br />
Thanks FHB for the photo! ;^)

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i (yep, that's me in the photo below), I left to see the world and have lived in Ohio, the Caribbean, South Korea, and Russia, before moving recently to Portland, Oregon.  

ME IN THE CAR,  A LONG TIME AGO - Mainland, USA<br />
<br />
Pretty clearly this isn't Hawai'i.  Not sure where exactly, but probably Pennsylvania.

I've worked as an actor on a Korean television show, learned to drive a lifeboat off the coast of Puerto Rico, and organized water balloon fights in Haiti. 

I've also slept overnight on a bench in Manila, been nearly stepped on by an elephant in India, fallen into a canal in Venice, ​gotten my foot stuck in a subway door in New York City, gotten a black eye in Moscow by slipping on ice, and been chased by an aggressive iguana in the Virgin Islands.

I've spent a month sleeping in a van in Iceland, held a sting ray in my arms ​in ​Grand Cayman, gone rafting in Alaska, dangled my legs over the edge of the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, gone zip-lining in Costa Rica, wore a python (for a few seconds) in Vietnam,​ sailed by ship across the Atlantic Ocean (and halfway across the Pacific)​, and taken a taxi ride from Moscow to London.

And I've gotten lost (sometimes intentionally, and usually with camera in hand) in pretty much every town I've ever been in.  And now, I want to help the locals here in weird, wonderful Portland to tell their stories with photos.

Untitled photo

Check out the video below to see me in action (a huge thanks to Mitya for this!). To learn more about me and what I've been up to the last few years, you can check out my photo diary, which contains a bunch of old snapshots of me and a few of the (hopefully) amusing stories behind them. I am also proud to have been featured in interviews with Weird Portland United and The Art Career Project. I'd love to hear from you, so please write me!

Thanks so much for reading, looking, sharing, commenting and liking!  Aloha and спасибо, Rob. 


  • Richard Virgill

    on February 25, 2014

    You've still got it. Damn your good. I look forward to the "Rob Corpuz museum exhibition" call it...." life through my lens." That's all I got,, you think of something. I'll be there when it on. Someday.. here hoping

  • Rea Oberwetter Mackay

    on July 12, 2012

    Rob - love your portraits!! Bought an SLR recently and am working myself up to taking a class - may send you some questions one day.

  • Erich Kurschat

    on June 22, 2012

    You already know that I'm a huge fan of your work. Just stopping by this evening to show my girlfriend some of my favorites. I'm always inspired by your shots. Thanks for making everything so accessible to us!

  • Rick Capitulo

    on December 18, 2011

    Hi, ran into your website somehow and loved the pics! Just wanting to say "hi". It's awesome you are in Russia, it's on my photography bucket list to see! My photography output still won't pay the rent yet but for now it's all for love and fun. Take care, from frigid...Chicago!

  • Dennis Warren

    on August 8, 2011

    I love your work...I have added your galeries to my favorites list and will be back to visit often. Thanks for sharing your work.

  • Kevin Saito

    on August 8, 2011

    Hey Rob,

    Glad to see you're doing well. Really loved some of the shots you have as you definitely have a far better eye than me and have clearly been to some great places. Will definitely be back to see any updates you might have posted. Take care, Kevin

  • Tony

    on July 28, 2011

    Hi Rob, we met in Moscow a few weeks ago, remember the three bikers travelling around Europe....

    Just got round to looking at you gallery. Really love all your pics, you can clearly see your photographic skills in your pictures. Clearly you "make" pictures as oppose to take them. Keep up the good work, I will defo come back to take another look.. Cheers Tony

  • Leslie

    on November 19, 2010

    I just picked some favorites from the wedding photos. I could have picked many more but the ones I chose really jumped out at me and made me want to CALL them my favorites. You may be surprised by some of the choices. They are just a few from an amazing body of work during those few days in Titusville!

  • John Jordan

    on November 6, 2010

    Rob, I just looked at maybe 7 of your pics. Wow! You're talented. I knew that from looking at your work before. But now you have a convenient web site, which is very good. I think what I like most about your work is that you go out and have fun with it, capturing lots of different types of stuff. I like the marathon pic and the pic of the girl doing the super splits on the pavement. Keep it up, and I'll check out your pics some more later for my own enjoyment. Signing out from basically Louisville, Kentucky. -JJ

  • PJSPhoto

    on October 4, 2010

    Bob- Love your site and all the pictures- tonight it seems like every picture i click on is yours. Please do not take any comments I leave as a negative or bad thought- all your pictures are outstanding- i am just adding my own personal artistic comments about how I would edit if they were my own- could be better - or could be worse- all depends on your taste and ideas, hope to add to your ideas!

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