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KATE ON THE SOFA - Titusville, PA, USA

This is one of my favorite individual shots of Kate in her wedding gown. The lighting included a speedlite in an umbrella as the key, a snooted flash to add a touch of light just to her face, and an on-axis strobe in a ring-light attachment to provide some overall fill. All the lights had various degrees of CTO gels attached to add some warmth to the room. I did some significant editing here: lens distortion correction to straighten out vertical and horizontal lines, some contrast masking to emphasize detail and add mid-tone contrast, and the removal of some distracting elements: electrical cords, the edge of a door frame, and a painting hanging on the wall, which in later shots I physically took off the wall but I really loved her expression in this particular frame, so I decided to go with this one even if it meant some extra photoshop work. Now I also wish I had taken the lamps out of the shot, and I thought about trying to do so in photoshop, but decided that, with the shadows they cast, it would just be too difficult.