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JON When people find out that I'm a photographer, they often ask me what kind of photos I like to take. In the past I've usually answered with a kind of ramble, explaining that I'll shoot anything that catches my eye, but I'm particularly drawn to portraits, weddings (in spite of how difficult they are), urban landscapes and candid street photography, but I nearly always prefer having people in the shot. However, a while back I realized exactly what I love (or would love) to photograph the most: a portrait that becomes THE portrait of a particular person, the favorite of both the subject and the people who know him or her best. I'm not sure when exactly I came to this realization, but it definitely crystalized when I first saw the iconic portrait of Steve Jobs taken by Albert Watson. It's on the cover of Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Jobs, and Apple used it as a tribute on the company homepage when he passed away. I knew right away after seeing it that I wanted to try to take a photo with a similar pose and lighting set-up... Read more at my blog.