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SPOTS ON SQUARES - Lapulapu, Philippines

This is George, my friend Jake's in-law's dog. I took this from his (Jake's) balcony. I'm not sure why they (the in-laws) decided to paint this particular pattern onto their patio, as there were no giant chess pieces in sight, but I'm glad they did.

While I would've loved to have George in a different position, and a different pose, he wasn't the most cooperative model I've worked with (for instance, the possibility of the subject peeing directly on the backdrop is generally much farther down my list of potential concerns), so this was the best I could do, particularly since I put off trying this shot until a few hours before my flight out of the Philippines.

Even though I was leaning out over the balcony as far as I could (without risking bodily harm) to try and get a straight perspective, I still had to remove some distortion in photoshop, as well as boosting the contrast and removing a couple of tree branches peeking in to the bottom right square.

Thanks to Hassan for trying his best to keep George on the squares and for holding the strobe.