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ROY - New York City, NY, USA

I can't seem to predict how a stranger's going to react when I ask for a photo. While wandering around the East Village, I saw a friendly-looking fellow sitting in a park, cross-legged, nodding along with his mp3 player. He had the most remarkable head of hair: a giant, fuzzy mass of red curls big enough to hide, say... a small child eating a large pizza. As I walked toward him, smiling, camera ready, confident that anyone with a pile of red hair big enough to make five Ronald McDonald wigs would totally be up for a photo, he took one glance at me and turned me down before I even said a word.

Later on I saw this tough-looking dude leaning up against a wall, talking on his phone. I almost didn't approach him because he appeared to be in a pretty serious mood (especially after I got rejected by Little Orphan Andy), but when I did finally get up the nerve to ask he flashed a big smile and said sure.

Turns out Roy is an actor and was actually looking for new headshots. Unfortunately I was leaving NYC the next day and I only had one wide-angle lens and one flash with me, so this is the best I could do.