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CORPUZ FAMILY PORTRAIT (2010 A) - Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA

Well, here's my crazy, weird, perhaps mildly disfunctional... but always loving family:) These days it's pretty tough to coordinate everyone's schedules to arrange a family portrait, so I had to wait for a candid moment to capture.

Luckily, purely by coincidence, I just so happened to have my camera on a nearby tripod with a diffused, speedlite in the hotshoe, one bare strobe at about 45 degrees camera right on a lightstand (too windy for an umbrella), and another bare speedlite at about 80 degrees camera right on a gorillapod slrzoom on the ground. All of the lights were gelled with 1/2 CTO filters. I forgot to bring my radio transmitters but luckily infrared did surprisingly ok.

If you look closely you can see me pointing the remote trigger under my brother's arm to set off the camera. Was originally planning to edit it out in photoshop but decided to leave it, as my original idea for this shot was to show all of us in a natural state, doing things that we can often be seen doing, to try something different than a standard "smile-at-the-camera" shot.

It was kind of a pain to peel the five of us away from our busy schedules to go somewhere photogenic at the same time and get this done, but for me it was worth it. Got a couple more versions to come too, but I think I like this one best. If you look closely you can see a sailboat and some kind of parachute or paraglider thing.

To see the remake of this photo in New York City, click here: http://smu.gs/uGagJj