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This is another in a series of photos for Diana, who wanted to document the emotions involved in closing one chapter in her life and opening another. That is her actual wedding dress, and her ex-husband's wedding band is lying next to her. I did lots of editing on this photo. In the original shot we used a toy knife (with a retractable blade), so I could make sure there wouldn't be any difficult shadows, and then I edited in a real one (from a later frame) afterward.

The lighting here isn't too complicated (a couple of monoblocs in softboxes and an on-camera flash in a ring attachment) for the same reason: I knew I'd be adding in a knife in photoshop and didn't want to make things any harder than they needed to be, but there were still multiple catchlights that I decided to remove in an effort to make her eyes appear more "dead."

The ring was also too close to her (and thus too small) in the original shot so I rescaled it, moved it away from her, and blurred it slightly (technically it should be even more blurred, which is clear when compared to her right hand, which is a similar distance from the camera, but I didn't want to risk making it unrecognizable due to added blur).

Along with the usual sharpening, toning, skin and background retouching, and noise reduction, I also desaturated the color of the blood (the fake blood we used was far too bright), cloned out a bunch of bits of leaves from the dead flowers, added texture, did some contrast masking, and tinted the white balance slightly green.