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My brother is the kind of man that people are instantly drawn to. Girls want to get to know him, and guys want to be his wingman. Oozing charm, a bleeding-edge wit, and a carefully cultivated sense of effortless style, I imagine those who first meet him might be taken aback to discover such a thoughtful, compassionate, and romantic soul behind that smooth exterior.

Evan often keeps his thoughts to himself (like our Dad did), lending him an air of mystery. He never blathers; instead doling out his words carefully, but when they come, they are astute, and often hilarious.

During our childhood the rest of the family learned never to leave anything important lying around, because we knew the temptation to take it apart and figure out how it worked would likely be too strong for him to resist. An excellent problem-solver and a quick-study, it's tough to put one past him (and I've tried many a time), and he's the kind of guy you want around during a crisis, because he'll be able to stay calm, focus on the issue at hand, and find the best solution.

His hair has somehow sported exactly the right amount of fashionably-speckled grey since he was eleven, perhaps evidence of a mind perpetually concentrating, forever cooking up some cool new visionary design. His frequently-furrowed brow fronts a brain that oozes creativity out of his ears, all the way down through his eleventh finger, that mechanical pencil forever in motion, sketching new concepts in one of countless moleskin books.

While one might fairly argue that I could never be objective about my own brother, I respect his opinions about aesthetics and design more than anyone ever known, and more importantly, I respect and love the man he has become.

We often go long periods without talking much, which saddens me, but whenever we are together in person, it's as if we had never been separated. He is, and always will be, my little brother. Although we did talk briefly on your actual birthday, I'll send my congratulations again, a couple of days later. We're all proud of you, and the world is a far better place to have you around for another year.

Love you, Brother. 3