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John is a bit of a paradox. He's both a soldier in the U.S. Armed Forces and a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa. When he's at ease, he often moves and speaks at a pace somewhere between leisurely and dawdling: so much so that I find myself both consciously aware of slowing down my steps and wanting to finish his sentences for him (and I'm not exactly famous for moving or speaking quickly). But his measured speech is simply a mark of a man who carefully considers each word he utters, and he is an absolute beast when he decides to get from point A to point B in a hurry, having left competitors tasting the dust of his running shoes on countless tracks and cross-country courses.

Although mild-mannered, exceedingly polite, and utterly hilarious without ever appearing to put any effort into it, when confronted with any obstacle that stands in the way of his goals, he is tenaciously, relentlessly driven to either jump over it or simply annihilate it.

John is planning to get laser surgery to eliminate the need for wearing glasses, and for this photo shoot the only shot I was able to get with him with his glasses on is the one you see on the left (it was a lighting test), because for him they are soon to be discarded, a remnant of his past, but for as long as I've known him they have been a side of his identity, and I liked the idea of trying to show two sides of John at the same time: past and future, gentleman and badass, Clark Kent and Superman.

I'm proud to say that he has been one of my best friends for many, many years, through both high school and university (including a year-long stint joint-hosting a Hawaiian music radio station). If everyone on Earth were more like John, the world would be a sweeter, nicer, more honest, tougher, and undoubtably better place. Not to mention there would be an enormous increase in the amount of great stories to tell, as at least two thirds of my best university yarns either prominently feature or revolve around the legendary Mr. John C. Jordan. Waves of Aloha and BTTW, Buddy!!