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My friend Lisa asked me to do a portrait of her holding her camera that she can use as a bio pic for her upcoming art and photography website, which is currently under construction.

After making sure I got a couple of safe, fairly conservative options for her to use, I decided to try something with a little more edge. The colors in this photo were done with strobe lights. I used photoshop for editing out a loose thread I missed while shooting, brightening the photo slightly and adding a little motion blur to her camera (I originally intended to do that in-camera but couldn't get it quite right), but the colors are exactly the same as what came out of my camera.

To get this color effect, I put red gels on two studio monoblocs and faced them, at slightly different heights and opposite angles, at the background, to try and get an even spread of light. I double gelled another monobloc (had to use tape to do so) with an amber filter and placed it, camera-left, slightly behind her. The blue came from putting two CTB gels on an on-camera speedlight and bouncing it off the wall to camera right. While I was originally hoping for the blue and red gels to mix with the tungsten white balance setting and create purple on the background, it ended up being mostly pink, but I'm still pretty happy with the way this came out.

Lisa is a very talented artist -- you can have a look at her work at: http://www.elizavetakovaleva.com/